Stötta frihetskämpar

En ledande frihetskämpe i Nederländerna, Willem Engels, sitter häktad sedan i onsdags 16/3. WFA föreslår att man ringer Nederländska ambassaden och konsulaten och ställer frågan till dem varför han är häktad. Om många ringer kan det göra skillnad.


Nigel i WFA skriver:
Willem Engel is a good friend of the Freedom Movement both through the World Freedom Alliance and his own organisation in the Netherlands. He has been arrested and imprisoned on spurious charges – This could be any one of us freedom fighters.


We MUST do everything within our power to publicise his case and put pressure on the Dutch Government to release him. If they get away with this – God help us all. This link shows how you can contact the Dutch Government and offer your support – there is also a model letter you can send. WE need to demonstrate outside the Dutch Embassies around the world to show how strongly we feel about this.


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